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PRESENTING THE TRANSCRIPTION FEATURE: "The Adventures of Father Brown" & "You Bet Your Life"

“The Adventures of Father Brown” was broadcast on the Mutual Network during June and July of 1945, so only a few episodes were ever produced. It starred Karl Swenson as the titular priest and part-time detective. The show was based on the Father Brown mysteries, written by G.K. Chesterton starting in 1910 and continuing until 1936, some 50 short stories. Chesterton was a British, Catholic writer and part-time lay theologian. He loved mysteries, and he used his character of Father Brown to show that a man of faith could also be a man of logic. After matching wits with the good padre, put your feet up and laugh with Groucho on “You Bet Your Life.” Tonight, his guests include has a UPS delivery man and a former silent film actress, not to mention a neon sign manufacturer and an amateur handwriting analyst.


The Adventures of Father Brown “The Three Tools of Death” July 22, 1945 3:05

You Bet Your Life “The Secret Word is ‘Chair’” May 26, 1954 32:48


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