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Presenting the Transcription Feature: INFORMATION PLEASE & GUNSMOKE

“Information Please” famously gave away copies of the “Encyclopaedia Britannica” to people who sent in questions that stumped the show’s panel. The Britannica’s offices were in Chicago. In the summer of 1943, as part of a War Bond drive, the show left New York and broadcast from some “western” cities, starting in Chicago, where, in this episode, the editor of the “Britannica”, Walter Yust, was a panelist. In consequence, there’s some Chicago-themed questions, in addition to famous forms of egress and people who had their names changed. Note that Mr. Yust’s name is frequently misspelled as Youst. I hope having both spellings in this text will aid future internet searches. Then on “Gunsmoke,” Matt Dillon encounters a solid mystery with a clever solution involving cattle.


Information Please

June 28, 1943

“Guest: Walter Yust at the Chicago Civic Opera House”



May 30, 1953

“Fall Semester”



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