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"The Web Planet"

The Web Planet

Production: N

Airdates: February 13 - March 20, 1965

The TARDIS materializes on the planet Vortis, a world with a rarified atmosphere and a population of alien insects. The time travelers are drawn into a conflict with the inhabitants, all being manipulated by an outside force.

This six parter was a tough one to get through and John isn't shy to point this out, but that's about all he can say about it. What do you think of the story? Perhaps you have a different opinion. Leave your thoughts here and perhaps you can show John the error of his ways.

Current Rankings

1 - Dalek Invasion of Earth

2 - Marco Polo

3 - The Daleks

4 - The Aztecs

5 - The Romans

6 - An Unearthly Child

7 - The Reign of Terror

8 - Edge of Destruction

9 - The Rescue

10 - Planet of Giants

11- Keys of Marinus

12 - The Sensorites

13 - The Web Planet

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