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Episode 59: "The Ogg Couple"

"The Ogg Couple"

Aired December 21, 1967

It's the final go around for Vincent Price and Anne Baxter as Egghead and Olga in a story that should have been their first go around together. It's pretty much a mess and this has turned out to be the shortest podcast review ever because of it. But there are some hightlights including an opening that will have you talking and a discussion on how dangerous it is for Batgirl to be riding around on radioactive sparkplugs.

Joining John to work this all out is author and podcaster, Kevin Lauderdale.

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Kevin Lauderdale has written essays and articles for the Los Angeles Times, The Dictionary of American Biography, Animato,, and; and his poetry has appeared in Andrei Codrescu's The Exquisite Corpse. He has published fiction in several of Pocket Books' Star Trek anthologies, including Constellations, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of the original Star Trek. His original fiction has appeared in Neo-opsis magazine and Cthulhu Unbound, the cross-genre Lovecraftian collection from Permuted Press. He is a graduate of UCLA and a card-carrying member of SFWA. In addition, Kevin is a host of his own podcast here on the network, It Has Come to My Attention and co-host of Mighty Movie: Temple of Bad. Recently, Kevin took over as host of the old time radio podcast,Presenting the Transcription Feature. Follow Kevin's exploits through his LiveJournal blog -

Check out the website John mentioned where it explains in more detail how the three parts of the Egghead/Olga story was supposed to play out - Batgirl Trap Website.

John had the idea of doing a Thriller rap to open the show. Once Kevin Lauderdale found out, he ran with it and came up with the lyrics and engineered the whole thing himself. Many thanks to Kevin for one of the best opening bits of the third season review.

Here's Vincent Price on Joan River's Late Show performing the Thriller rap, something he had never done before on television.

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