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SciFi Diner Podcast: 258 – Our Interview with Roger Cross (24, Continuum, and Dark Matter) A Shore L

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Tonight’s Diners: Scott, Miles, M


Welcome to the Diner.

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Roger Cross can currently be seen playing ‘Six’ aka ‘Griffin Jones’ on the hit SYFY show “Dark Matter”. As well as the role of ‘Reggie Fitzwilliam’ on Guillermo Del Toro’s series for FX, “The Strain”. And playing ‘Travis Verta’ on “Continuum”.

On television, Cross can also be seen on a recurring basis on CW’s “Arrow”, and ABC’s “Motive”! He captivated audiences as Jack Bauer’s fellow agent, ‘Curtis Manning’, on the sensational “24”. He’s starred in the Sci­Fi series “First Wave”, “The Guard”, “The Gates”. He’s reccured on such series as “Fringe”, “Charlies Angels”, “The L Word”, “Stargate”, Steven Spielberg’s “Taken”, “Higher Ground”, “The X­Files”, “The Commish”, “The Days”, “Peacemakers”, “Just Cause” etc.. He’s Guest Starred on “Star Trek- Enterprise”, “UC Undercover”, “Highlander”, “Andromeda, “Outer Limits”, “Sliders”, “Street Justice”, “Neon Rider”. Cross has also appeared in a slate of TV movies including “Everything That Rises”, Father’s Choice”, “Aftershock”, “The Color of Courage”, “Voyage Of Terror”, “Oklahoma City”, “Doomsday Rock”, “Baby 2000″, ” Captains Courageous”, “The Surrogate”, “Tailhook”, “Don’t Talk To Strangers”, “The Winter Garden”, “Playing For Keeps”, “Deliver Them From Evil”, etc.

His many film roles include “Mad Money”, alongside Diane Keaton, Katie Holmes, and Queen Latifah, “The Day The Earth Stood Still”, “The Chronicles Of Riddick”, “King’s Ransom”, “Ecks vs Sever”, “Liberty Stands Still”, “Deadly Little Secrets”, “Free Willy III”, “What’s Your Verdict”, “Double Jeopardy”, Oliver Stone’s “World Trade Center”, etc.

Roger was born and raised in Jamaica. With his family, he moved to Vancouver at the age of 11. He enjoyed drama in school, but never considered it a viable career. His heart was set on flying, and he studied Aviation at Trinity Western University. While waiting for a flying job, Cross began working as an extra and doing stunts. He went on to study acting at Breck Academy and landed a few roles before landing the one that ultimately changed the course of his life. After surviving an extremely challenging yet fulfilling experience filming “The International Rescue” on location in China, Vietnam and Burma, Cross decided to give acting his full focus for a year. His acting career has since taken off, and he now enjoys flying in his spare time.

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