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Presenting the Transcription Feature: ROGERS OF THE GAZETTE & LUM AND ABNER

It’s summer time, and I want to present a couple of summer-themed and summer-adjacent radio shows. We’ll start off with real American politician, writer, and newspaper publisher Will Rogers, Jr playing a fictional Will Rogers, Jr who runs the fictional small-town newspaper, the “Illyria Weekly Gazette.” What else says summer more than a county fair, with lots of people partaking in various competitions? Well, this year, the ladies of Illyria have decided not to participate. Whither the jams, jellies, and pickles? Then, I finally get around to presenting “Lum and Abner.” The show was created by, and stars, Chester Lauck as Lum and Norris Goff as Abner, the owners of the financially disastrous Jot ‘Em Down general store. The show was a 15-minute continuing serial, a comedy soap opera. In both of tonight’s episodes, the boys are planning vacations.


Rogers of the Gazette

October 22, 1953

“Eula Horner and the County Fair”


Lum and Abner

September 8, 1942

“Back to Nature” aka “Vacation”


July 19, 1945

“Store Closed for Vacation”



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