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Presenting the Transcription Feature 190: YOU BET YOUR LIFE & X MINUS ONE

We’ll start off tonight with The One, The Only, Groucho! on “You Bet Your Life.” Tonight, Groucho Marx interviews the usual assortment of unusual high school students, assistant district attorneys, housewives, and are dog trainers that different from piano teachers? Then on Old Time Radio’s premier science fiction anthology program, “X Minus One,” comes an adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s "C-Chute.” It was first published in the October 1951 issue of “Galaxy” magazine. It’s a study in racism, patriotism, and the folly of war.


You Bet Your Life February 22, 1950 “The Secret Word is ‘Table’” 2:20

X Minus One February 8, 1956 "C-Chute” 32:42


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