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Once Upon a Village: A Prisoner Podcast - "Once Upon a Time" & "Fallout"

"Once Upon a Time"

UK Airing: January 25, 1968

US Airing: September 14, 1968


UK Airing: February 1, 1968

US Airing September 21, 1968

A previous Number 2 returns to the Village and is given permission to crack the Prisoner using Degree Absolute. When it fails, it appears that the Prisoner is put on trial, but it is actually his recent tormentors who are which ultimately leads to escape.

Pulling back the curtain, the production of this final episode is as disjointed as the two TV episodes themselves. The audio for "Once Upon a Time", recorded over a year ago, was lost and so John and writer Jim Beard attempt to discuss the key points of an episode that Jim in particular, is not fond of in the least. They also talk about McGoohan's thumbing his nose (or perhaps biting his thumb?) at ITV when they cut short the series with a finale that makes absolutely no sense.

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