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Episode 40: ISIS - "No Drums, No Trumpets"


"No Drums,

No Trumpets"

November 15, 1975

Fred is upset that his science project failed to take first place at the science fair. After nearly getting himself killed in an auto accident, he, Andrea, and science fair winner Dorothy decide to explore a nearby ghost town. But the abandoned town is being used as a hideout for thieves. When Andrea loses the amulet, who will be able to save them?

Before getting into this week's review, John and Richard discuss the fifth issue of the DC Comics 1970s The Mighty Isis comic run. It's the start of the radical change in direction for the series and Richard wonders if the change was what led to the cancellation of the series. Next, it's a look at the episode, "No Drums, No Trumpets". Among the topics discussed are the tropes of ghost towns on 70s television, how much Brian Cutler was convincing as a high school teacher, and what is it that actually activates her powers.

It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode. Write us as

Moral: "Not everyone can be a winner. Learning from a loss is as important as the win itself. Learning from mistakes helps you grow as a person."

Guest Cast

Mark Lambert as Fred Weiting

Christopher Norris as Dorothy Bieder

Michael Greene as Jim Danch


Albert Reed as Dr. Barnes

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