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SciFi Dinnette Podcast: 257 – Game On Comics

Tonight’s Diners: M, Anne and Lauren

Welcome to the Dinnette.


Welcome to the Dinette! If you have listened to the show for sometime, we would love to have you leave feedback on iTunes. We know not all of you use iTunes, but for those that do, it helps us become more visible. If you don’t use iTunes, your feedback is still valuable. Visit our webpage at and leave a comment on the show notes or email us at We want to know what you are thinking about what we are saying and what shows you are watching. It’s been awhile since I sat with some friends, had a bite to eat and talked about all the nerdy stuff we love. In this episode of SFDP, that’s exactly what I did. Two of my dear friends joined me at Game On Comics in Vienna, VA, for a lovely Sunday chat about comics, from books to tv shows to movies, inspired by the Brian Prowse-Gany article “Rise of the Female Superhero” published on Yahoo last week. This was made even richer with the video narrated by Katie Couric. So grab a pal, make a snack and have a listen.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO GAME ON COMICS!! They are an amazing local comic shop that I love and love to support, so if you are in the Northern Virginia Area, please check out! They have games and cards and book and wonderful staff who are always ready to help. Check out their blog, like them on Facebook!! BTW: Which lady superhero would you like to see get her own movie and who would you pick to direct? Drop us a line and let us know!

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