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Presenting the Transcription Feature: Suspense and Life with Luigi

This late January marks both the birth and death of actor J. Carrol Naish, who was born on January 21, 1896 and died just shortly after his 77th birthday on January 24, 1973. Naish received two Oscar nominations for his supporting roles in the films “Sahara” (1943) and “A Medal for Benny” (1945), the latter of which also earned him a Golden Globe. But he also had an extensive radio career. Most prominently, he was the star of “Life With Luigi,” which cast him as a naïve Italian immigrant, Luigi Basco. For all its stereotypes, and – because it was a comedy, its exaggerations – the series reflected the affection immigrants held for their new nation and home. “Life With Luigi” is ultimately about making a new life in a land of infinite possibilities, and the desire to truly integrate one’s self into the best of American culture. Tonight, we present two very different performances by Nash. The first is someone the polar opposite of the sweet Luigi. In this episode of “Suspense,” Naish plays a conniving, murderous husband. Will crime pay? Then on “Life With Luigi,” our hero’s quest to become a citizen is thwarted by his countryman, Pasquale (played by Fred Flintstone himself, Alan Reed).


Suspense August 1, 1946 “Commuter’s Ticket” 2:44

Life With Luigi January 10, 1950 “Luigi’s First Citizenship Papers" 32:41


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