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Mr. and Mrs. North & A Day in the Life of Dennis Day

“Mr. and Mrs. North” featured a married couple of sleuths. They began their career in short stories written by Richard Lockridge in the 1930s, but soon progressed to novels, a movie, a Broadway play, an Edgar-Award-wining radio show, and eventually television in the 1950s. They have affection for each other, and Mrs. North plays just as much a part in the stories as does her husband. Then, with the success of the “The Jack Benny Program,” it was only natural there be spin-offs. Singer Dennis Day got his own show in 1946. “A Day in the Life of Dennis Day” features the Irish tenor not as Benny’s employee, but rather a drug store employee in a fictional small town. But he’s still rather naïve, and you can bet he still sings.


Mr. and Mrs. North

January 4, 1951

“Die Hard”


A Day in the Life of Dennis Day

December 17, 1947

“Dennis Helps Mrs. Anderson Become President of the Ladies Club”



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