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Episode 73: "The Nine Lives of Batman" & "Long John Joker"

"The Nine Lives of Batman" & "Long John Joker"

Aired October 5, 1968

The Catwoman makes her debut in the animated 68 series and there's a lot to like, a lot to dislike, and a lot to simply appreciate. In the story, Catwoman traps the Dynamic Duo in a series of traps that appears to ultimately lead to her desire to learn Batman's identity. And then it just gets more complicated. Plus, there's also a Joker story that could have come right out of the third season, complete with Batgirl!

In addition, John and Dan Greenfield, creator and author of the 13th Dimension discuss how the 66 series brought Catwoman back to prominence and how her appearance in the 68 series is a mix of good and bad. Plus, they look at the lyrics to the Batman Superman Hour theme song.

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