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Episode 52: Into the Trek Zone

Episode 52—Into the Trek Zone

Science fiction writer Scott Pearson welcomes back fellow sci-fi scribe William Leisner for the second part of his interview to chat about his books, including his original works, Star Trek stories and novels, upcoming projects, and other geeky things. Plus, Ella checks in with an update from across the pond in London, including her visit to Sherwood Forest!


Intro :28

Geek Roots: Star Trek 1:10

Other Sci-Fi 3:25

Birth of a Comic Strip Writer 4:51

Birth of a TV Writer 6:04

Trying to Break into Hollywood from New York 8:25

Pitching Star Trek Spec Scripts 9:17

Fan Fiction and Strange New Worlds 14:15

Called Up to the Show 18:05

Corps of Engineers: Out of the Cocoon 18:50

Slings and Arrows: The Insolence of Office 21:05

Myriad Universes: A Less Perfect Union 23:40

Losing the Peace 24:50

Shocks of Adversity 25:55

Favorites and Dream Trek Projects 26:40

Original Projects: A Dimension of Death 30:28

Self-Publishing 33:54

The ReDeus Series from Crazy 8 Press 34:54

A Return to the Ur-Bar 39:03

Period Pieces 41:30

So, You’re a Writer! 42:30

Current Projects 45:10

Contracts, Deadlines, and the Writing Game 47:10

Closing Comments 50:46

Ella Skypes in from London:

Hitchcock Films 52:00

Sherwood Forest 56:32

The Nottingham Caves 1:03:12

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Pub 1:05:45

Notting Hill 1:07:45

Elizabeth 1:12:05

Star Trek: Discovery Season Premiere 1:13:38

Discoverage and Short Treks 1:16:40

Generations Geek in London 1:18:02

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