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Episode 50: Man on the Moon

Science fiction writer Scott Pearson welcomes fellow sci-fi writer and Twin Cities resident William Leisner to the show to review the Neil Armstrong biopic First Man and see how it stacks up against The Right Stuff and Apollo 13. Plus, Ella Skypes in from London to talk about the season premiere of Doctor Who.


Intro :28

First Thoughts on First Man 1:08

The Introverted Astronaut 2:05

The Pain He Carried 3:55

But He’s Neil Freaking Armstrong 7:00

The Right Stuff: Some Thoughts 9:15

What’s with Chuck Yeager? 14:25

The Wrong Attempts at Humor 17:15

The Right Iconic Scenes 19:15

Space Program Movie Overlaps 20:35

Apollo 1 in the Movies 22:10

Apollo 13: Some Thoughts 25:44

Classic Space Hardware 28:00

First Man: No Rah-Rah 30:10

Flag on the Moon 34:00

Bracelet on the Moon? 35:50

A Quiet Return to Earth 42:42

Grading the Movies 45:20

Doctor Who Premiere with Ella 56:50

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