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Episode 001: Let's Take it From the Top

The Chronic Rift makes a comeback in 2018! (Why not? Everything else is. If American Idol can do it, why can’t we? Don’t answer that!)

You can join in the fun by being a part of the chat and we may use your comments on air. Join us every Sunday, live on Facebook at 9AM EST for The Chronic Rift. The audio from the live cast will be available on the network feed.

Check out the front page of the homepage, our Facebook page, or Youtube in order to watch the video of the cast.John S. Drew is joined by author and podcaster Kevin Lauderdale (Presenting the Transcription Feature) in what is hopefully going to be the first of a weekly video podcast. In the first episode John and Kevin bring some things they are excited about to the table. And then, they talk about what they are looking forward to in pop culture for 2018.

1:10 - Here's the Thing - John explains why a video show on Facebook.

4:10 - Kevin brings Tales from the Canyons of the Damned #19 in which he has a story in. He relates the origins of the online magazine which Kevin has contributed to several issues. Get your copy by clicking on the link.

10:48 - John talks up his Home Game Show Version Podcast and his love of game shows which you can see or listen to on The Chronic Rift Network.

13:30 - Podcast Promos - Geek Radio Daily, The Batcave Podcast, Generations Geek, The Weekly Podioplex

17:18 - What are we excited about in pop culture in 2018?

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