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The Shazam/Isis Podcast: Episode 23 - Isis: "The Lights of Mystery Mountain"


"The Lights of Mystery


September 6, 1975

We begin our reviews of The Secrets of Isis with this episode. Cindy Lee reports of the strange lights in the skies over Mystery Mountain. Is it possible that an alien invasion is coming? There are those missing people to account for. And what happens when Cindy Lee herself disappears?

John and Richard discuss the the poor transformation sequence, the lack of stunts, and the odd plot choices in this opening story. Despite all this, they also both agree that this is a much better beginning episode for a series than Shazam! got.

It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode. Write us as

Moral: "Practical jokes can be taken too far."

Guest Cast

Kelly Thordson as Joel Moss

Hank Brandt as Sheriff Harley

Kenneth Wolger as Art Byron

Michael Maitland as Chick Jeffers

Albert Reed as Dr. Joshua Barnes

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