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The Shazam/Isis Podcast: Episode 22 - Brian Cutler of THE SECRETS OF ISIS

Just before we begin our review of The Secrets of Isis, we have the opportunity to sit down with the man who played Rick Mason on the series. Actor Brian Cutler talks with us about his career, his time on the show, how he was the first one cast, and The Actor's Studio he runs today.

Brian Cutler was born in Los Angeles; he has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 60 years. He has had an extensive career in theatre, film, and television, including starring in the hit series The Secrets of ISIS and co-starring in Emergency, The Long Hot Summer, and Young Lawyers. Brian has guest starred on over 100 major television shows and appeared in over 200 national commercials. He has been teaching film, television and commercial acting technique to both beginners and professionals for over 40 years.

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