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The Weekly Podioplex: September 8, 2015

Michael Falkner returns from DragonCon with new movie and DVD releases on a new Weekly Podioplex.

Weekly Podioplex Notes for September 9, 2015


Opening Clip: The Visit

Box Office Report

Top Ten

#1 – War Room #2 – Straight Outta Compton #3 – A Walk in the Woods #4 – The Transporter Refueled #5 – Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation [-2] #6 – No Escape [-2]

#7 – The Man from U.N.C.L.E. [-1] #8 – Sinister 2 [-3] #9 – Un Gallo con Muchos Huevos #10 – Inside Out [+9]

(New Release) [Change]

Tops From the Past

2010 – Resident Evil: Afterlife 2005 – The Exorcism of Emily Rose 1995 – To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar 1985 – Back to the Future 1975 – Jaws

Box Office Premieres for the week of September 11th, 2015


The Visit – [PG-13]

The Perfect Guy – [PG-13]

90 Minutes in Heaven – [PG-13]


Coming Home – [PG-13]

Wolf Totem – [PG-13]

Sleeping With Other People – [R]

Time Out of Mind – [NR]

Home Entertainment for the weeks of September 9th, 2015

New Releases on DVD and Blu-Ray

The Age of Adeline – [PG-13]

TV on DVD and Blu-Ray

Supernatural: Season Ten (2014)

Gotham: Season One (2014)

Haven: Season Five, Volume One (2014)

Homeland: Season Four (2014)

Blu-Rays From the Past

Shocker (1989) – [R]

Dressed to Kill (1980) – [X]

Podcast Promos

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Quick Flicks



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