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SciFi Diner: Rewind Ep. 251 - Our Interview with Star Trek Captain Pike (Walter Doty, Writer, and To

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Jim Arrowood and M. interview Walter Doty, Write for Star Trek: Captain Pike, and Todd Shawn Tei, Director, Writer, and Actor for this project. We at the SciFi Diner have always supported fan projects. Quite frankly we just want to see more Trek. If you are with us in this and like what you hear in our discussion with the creators of this project, then please visit their indigogo campaign and support the project. You can also follow them on their facebook page and their twitter. Below you can read a description of the project from their indigogo page.

This is the story of Captain Pike when he first takes command of the Enterprise and his first mission aboard her. And with your help, it will lead into a Captain Pike Web Series.

Christopher Pike is the Captain seen in the original Star Trek Pilot “The Cage”, played by Jeffrey Hunter. He was Captain of the Enterprise before Captain Kirk. And his story has never been told in film, until now.

In the original Star Trek Pilot, “The Cage”, set in the year 2254. Captain Pike and his crew are returning from Rigel VII, where several members of the landing party were killed by the inhabitants.

The incident filled Pike with so much guilt that he is considering resigning his commission. But that’s all we know about Captain Pike, and we want to know so much more. Don’t you?

This is an independent film project that will be helmed by professionals who all work in the entertainment industry. From cast and crew to writers, director, producers and actors.


In our film, we will answer these questions about Captain Pike:

1. What happened on Pike’s first mission with his female first officer, and his science officer, Mr. Spock?

2. Did Pike ever go into battle?

3. Which alien race did he encounter before any other Starfleet Captains? We know Captain Pike’s father is Admiral Josh Pike, but we never learned about the Admiral and which starship he commanded.

We never learned about many of the federation Captains that we saw in Star Trek TOS or their descendants.

In this film, we’ll answer all the questions you’ve always wondered about. And you’ll see many famous Starfleet officers at the beginning of their illustrious careers.


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