Mighty Movie Podcast: Fell & Butler on ParaNorman

Oregon's Laika stop-motion studio is kind-of making a name for itself as the go-to guys for family-friendly fantasies that mix the scary and the funny in perfect proportion. In their latest, PARANORMAN, a young boy with the gift for seeing the various and sundry spirits that are haunting his small, New England town is saddled with the responsibility of saving his neighbors from a centuries-old witch's curse. For the kid, that'll mean confrontations with kibitzing ghosts, lumbering zombies, and a vast, ominous, and all-destroying cloud of malevolence. For the audience, it means a supremely stunning and innovative foray into 3D animation, and a fitting follow-up to the studio's CORALINE.

At this point, it stands as Dan's favorite animated film of the year, and he was excited to get a chance to talk with its directors, Sam Fell and Chris Butler. Click on the player button to hear the conversation, right click the image to save it.  Please comment on this episode here or write upstartcompany@gmail.com or call 888-866-9010.  Please also take a moment to rate this episode by using our star system.

Check out the trailer for the movie.

Official Website Link: http://ParaNorman.com


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